Spartanburg Two "tops off" new Boiling Springs High School

This past Monday afternoon, the last steel beams were hoisted into place as part of a “topping off” ceremony for the new Boiling Springs High School.  Painted bright white for the occasion, BSHS students, staff, and construction workers signed their names on the girders before being installed into their final positions.  Boiling Springs High School Principal, Chuck Gordon, called the school a dream that was at least a decade in the making.

“If you’d ask the citizens of this community they would tell you it’s been 10 years that we’ve dreamed about something of this nature taking place,” Gordon said.  “The good news is that the board members heard what they had to say and they made this a reality.”

The new $100 million facility is set to open its doors in January 2020.  Coming in at 320,000 square feet, the schools features a quarter-mile access road designed to handle long car lines, 1,000 parking spaces, a fine arts center, 800-seat auditorium, and 2,000-seat gymnasium.


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