Clarendon County Speculative Building

Manning, SC

About the Project

∨ Type

∨ SWMBE Contribution

∨ Completion Date
May 2015

∨ Architect
Thompson Turner Construction

Future Proofing

Thompson Turner Construction was hired by Clarendon County to provide design-build services for the new 50,000-square- foot speculative building, designed for expansion to 200,000 square feet. The building includes:

  • Structural steel and steel joist frame work supported on conventional spread footings.
  • Precast concrete wall panel as exterior skin with architectural metal panel accents.
  • Single slope roof of 60 mil TPO with 3-1/2” insulation over metal deck.
  • Translucent wall panels installed near ceiling height in precast panels for natural interior lighting.
  • Temporary interior lighting for a minimum 5 foot candles of light.
  • One 50’ X 50’ X 6” concrete floor slab bay; remaining floor was termite treated / covered with 15 mil vapor barrier
  • Factory-primed metal decking to aid in interior brightness along with interior painting of precast panels
  • Painted exterior and sealed vertical seams between panels.

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